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Over the years when I set out to take photos it is for the most part pretty calculated. I know what location I am looking for, what gear I need to achieve the look, what time of day, the direction of how I want the editing to go...etc. I like to have as much sorted out in my head as possible so once I am physically shooting I can focus on the mechanics and fundamentals of photographing a subject. As I strive to achieve this goal on every shoot of course things happen to counter those mentalities.

Whether it be client deadlines, weather changing plans, a vehicle being sold much sooner then it was planned, product needing to be launched asap. These are just some of the general things that have happened to me that made me force my process not only on a mental aspect but on a photographic gear aspect as well.

The images below are all situations where I was forced to shoot on a day I wasn't suppose to shoot the vehicle. Also since I wasn't planning on shooting the vehicle I didn't have my gear of choice!

Gear Used:

- Nikon D5300

- Nikon 18-55mm 3.5/5.6 DX Kit lens

- CPL Filter

- No lighting was used. All natural light.

Of course I would have loved to have all my gear with me and to be shooting with my D800 but I was still able to get great results even with the limitations of the D5300 with it's kit lens.

Important notes to take away:

- Stay creative

- Know your gears limitations

- Shoot in your gears favor

- Play with angles to help eliminate cluttered background as well as gain interesting perspectives.

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